About Us

Leisure Holdings is one of South Africa’s top distributors of sporting goods, with a significant warehouse and distribution network. Leisure Holdings currently supplies and has excellent working relationships with most the major retailers in South Africa and has extensive experience in managing the following brands: Arena, Grays, Gray Nicolls, Mitre, Prince and Gilbert.


History of Leisure Holdings

  • 1990 Peter Reeves joined Bryan Lidgey Agencies – Prince Distributor.
  • 1997 Acquired distribution rights for Grays and Gray-Nicolls.
  • 2003 Brett Burnill joins the business.
  • 2005 Acquired the distribution rights to Mitre Sports (soccer, netball and rugby).
  • 2009 Acquired the distribution rights for Arena (swimwear).
  • 2013 Acquired the licence and distribution rights to Gilbert, manufacturer of rugby and netball related products.
  • 2014 Leisure Holdings is proudly owned and managed by Peter Reeves and Brett Burnill, with a team of sports specialists to assist.