Trade Enquiries

The following are applicable for all new applications:

  1. Details of where your business operates from and confirmation that it is / will be a fully kitted sporting goods shop / re-sale outlet, based in a formal retail environment. Photographs would need to be provided, if you are not in an area easily accessible for one of our staff.

  2. Account Assessment application to be completed and returned to

  3. Account would be run on a COD basis for 3 – 6 months and we require you to carry stock of the product range you purchase from us. Minimum opening purchase of +- R75,000 (excl VAT) – brand specific required in order to ensure adequate representation of our brands within your store. Minimum order value thereafter is R3,000 (excl VAT) per order. Delivery costs are carried by yourselves.

  4. Stock holding is an ongoing requirement, so bulk monthly orders would need to be placed to maintain stock levels. Where trends of buying per order received are evidenced, the account facility will immediately be reviewed and may be cancelled without further notice. The same applies if buying trends indicate that we are being utilised as a client’s warehouse.

  5. An annual minimum spend of R100,000 (excl VAT) is required to maintain an account facility with Leisure Holdings (COD or credit terms).

  6. Once points 1 – 3 have been evaluated, we would then be in a position to supply you with catalogues and price lists.

  7. We reserve the right to decline an application if we believe saturation point for our brands has been reached in a specific area.

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